sreda, 15. april 2020


Anne decided to save her friend and head down to the cave. But there was no friend of hers. She found herself in complete darkness. But all of a sudden she saw a light in one of the tunnels. She decided to follow the light into the tunnel. But she saw Dean there and she was very excited to see him. She has never been so happy before. Beside him there stood a young boy named Michael. He said that he had been trapped down here for a long time and that he haven't met anyone before Anne and Dean. They were talking and then they saw a goblet with a blue smoke. Everyone was wondering what that meant. But then Dean encouraged himself and jumped in goblet. Michael and Anne were very scared of him so they decided to jump into it too. They were surprised that they returned home to their country. Soon after, they also saw Sam, Tony and Steve. They asked them how they got home and Anne told them they came throught a goblet. Steve found out that same happened to them and that it was a magic. Together they went to the park and talk there about how it was on this mystirious journey through time.

četrtek, 27. februar 2020


They did not know what to do. They decided to go ahead and not look back at what happend to them. Anne and Dean made a small cane house and lit a fire, as it was already very dark and cold, especially if you are on a lonely island and in the middle of the wide ocean, where your view only reaches the sea. Meanwhile Sam, Tony and Steve were confronting with a terrible monster that was in fact an innocent monster and didn't want to do anything bad to them. Better said, she helped protect them from evil werewolves and found them a safe haven where they could rest and peace. All night, they hoped that Anne and Dean were fine. The next day, Anne and Dean decided to go exploring the island because they were hungry and to discover the secrets behind the island. Anne was very scared and worried that somthing unpleasant would happen to them, especially to Dean, who was very fond of her. They walked and walked and suddenly Dean slipped and fell into a dark cavity. Then a terrifying voice was heard, saying that she should also go down to the cavity, unless she wanted same faith to happen to her, as well as her friend. Anne didn't know what to do, only that her friend was in grave danger. 

torek, 25. februar 2020


They toke off. When they were driving about one hour by capsule, was capsule broken down. A capsule exploded. Anne and Dean fell on one planet and Sam, Toy and Stave fell on anotherone. They were more away from Earth than before. They were in another solar system. Toy saw a strange creatures, they looked dangerous. They were big, green, they had six hands, eight eyes and twelve legs. They were afraid of creatures. On planet where were Anne and Dean were just one little island and huge ocean. Annie did not like a universe. She was afraid of universe. Everybody were missing home and family. They were losing in universe. They did not have a signal for phones. They did not have a lot of food. And they were not together.

torek, 04. februar 2020


Then Dean took the sword and started swinging it in circles above it. Standing up, he said, come under the sword. Then they waited. When all the shaking and demolition ended, they saw that they had all survived. But they were like in the throat of a volcano. Then again they felt some vibrations, more and more tremors. Until they realized they were basically under the hospital and above the volcano. Then something hit the ground so much that they could no longer stand on the ground but could lie down. Then everything calmed down. They moved some rocks and saw the earth. The volcano launched them into space. They were scared of how they could breathe, but in the end they found that they could still breathe. They then went out across the hole to the hospital. They talked in the hospital what to do. Tony remembered that a capsule could be built from the tables to be transported back. First they made a plan. Then they went to look for the gadgets they would need. Then they sewed up a balloon for a softer landing. When they finished the balloon, they made a suitable place for them to stay and fly for a while. When the capsule was finished, sprays were placed on it to move the space to earth. Then they put it all together. Grab some more food and get ready to take off.

ponedeljek, 03. februar 2020


When Anna found the passage, everyone went one by one. But the problems were far from over. They gazed at the four chests that were illuminated by the glow, with an old man standing next to them. Because Dean was the bravest teenager of all, he asked the old man:" What are you doing here in this old cave?" But he answered them:" I seek help!" Everyone looked at him in amazement. But he added that masked man had locked him in a cave and wanted  a secret from which no one should have known. At this everyone was silent. Tony, however, asked him: " Why are this chests here?" He told them that there was a hint in one of them that he could get him out of this cavity. Tony was curious, he opened the chest and saw something wonderful in it. They gazed at the glowing sword with which they were now invincible. They found that there were only bad things in all the other chests. Suddelny, the ground began to shake. They noticed that the ceiling of the pit was collapsing. They did not know what to do. Eveyone looked at Tony first, then the sword. They answered them:" What can I do with sword? You can't stop shaking with the sword. Anna replied:" Anything is possible!"

ponedeljek, 13. januar 2020


They looked around, trying to find something to eat. Dean and Anna were very hungry so the whole team decided to go back to eat and come back the next day. They went up the stairs that were supposed to lead to the portal but the portal wasn't there. They started to panic, thinking they were trapped in this strange world. Steve and Tony were the only ones calm enough to start searching for something to restart the portal. Eventually the others joined them too. They looked everywhere and they found nothing. After a few hours of hopeless searching Sam found an odd book. They decided to read it, everyone was hoping something useful was written in the book. The book was very thick and it took some time but eventually Sam found a handwritten note in the book saying that to open the portal again they needed to find the button hidden in the river. As soon as Sam read that part everyone jumped in the river trying to find the button. Anna was the first to find the button. She screamed “I found it!” as soon as she did. Finally they were one step closer to going home.

To be continued.....

torek, 10. december 2019


They made a decision to searched key of wisdom forward. Sam wanted to find informations of key of wisdom on the internet, but it didnt work. So they went to forest. It was dark and spooky. Suddenly they found a portal in the ground. It was spooky, but they were adventurers so they went into. They were going down to the stairs. They came to green river. It was spooky. They found a new portal. They got into groups. Anne and Dean were staying at the river. Sam, Tony and Stave went forward. They found key, but it wasnt right. They found the door and they went forward. They came in dark room. In this room wasnt something special. So they went back to Anne and Dean. They werent found a key of wisdom, so they went back in forest. They were hungry. They found a strawberrys, they werent edible, so they had a stomach-ache.


Anne decided to save her friend and head down to the cave. But there was no friend of hers. She found herself in complete darkness. But...