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The first team (Anne and Dean) were investigating the weird sound while other team (Sam, Tony and Steve) went to check out the first floor. When Sam, Tony and Steve came to the first floor they heard the sound like an old phone. They were scared but they went forward. They saw an old phone. The phone was ringing and they got really scared. They went forward and saw an old lady. When they got closer to her they saw that she has no eyes.They got scared so they ran back to Anne and Dean. In this time Anne and Dean were investigating the weird sound but they didn't find out nothing abot the sound. They tried to get out but they couldn't because the dorr were locked and they couldn't call Mark and John because there was no signal. Mark and John were in village trying to find out who was the stray man.

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 No one knew what the noise was so they all ran outside. Everyone agreed they would go home and meet again tomorrow. The next day seven people that were here before met in front of the hospital. Two of them - Mark and John- were ordered to find out who from the village was the stray man, while the rest of them go inside and find what they saw the day before. Mark and John needed to ask around if anybody saw the man so they decided to split up to cover more ground. On the other hand the other five people - Anne,Dean ,Sam, Tony and Steve - went to investigate the hospital. They noticed the knife and the old umbrella they saw yesterday and followed the trail of coins which lead them to the sound they heard the day before. It was a quiet, faint sound, barely above a whisper, nothing like the loud sound they heard before. It sounded like rocks hitting metal at least that’s what they thought. They tried to move closer to the sound but as soon as they moved a step closer the sound stopped. Tony suggested they split up into two teams. One team would investigate the weird sound while the other team would check out the first floor. 

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We need to find this guy. Tomorrow we will gather and find him. Please stay in your house and lock the door. We found the fire in the hospital. And the next day they go to the hospital and try to find him. Hospital is scary and old. They found an old umbrella and old knife. And next they foumd some old gadgets. they walked on and found nothing, just a few old coins. They walked on and something was moving in one room. It looked like a monster. Then the monster saw them and disappear. They looked in for a few seconds and then heard something and ran away.

ponedeljek, 09. september 2019


It happend on February 2, 1843. On that day, all the people were surprised as they were expecting a message from the mayor. Late in the afternoon, he drove in a carriage and announced the news. He said that in a neglected hospital, where they had previsously been treated, a stray man is intentionally closing and opening the door and he added that this is someone from our village as our area is secured and no one can enter in village.



The first team (Anne and Dean) were investigating the weird sound while other team (Sam, Tony and Steve) went to check out the first floor. ...